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Thank you to everyone that helped to make our Pet Supply Drive a huge success!!

Dear GMVH Pet Families,
I hope everyone had a lovely holiday with their families and pets, and we look forward to an exciting new year! We
have a few updates to share:
DONATIONS – Thanks to all the families that dropped off pet donations during the
holiday season! We delivered them to local rescues. 
– We are seeing a very high volume of
respiratory illnesses this winter in our canine pet population. Cases are cropping up in
both dogs that have boarded and dogs that have not. We’re seeing tracheobronchitis
and pneumonia, and of note, we are seeing both classic and atypical versions of both
problems. Note, there is a long list of microorganisms responsible for infectious
respiratory disease in dogs! Not just Bordetella or Canine Influenza – but we have
vaccines available for these two infections and recommend them. Please ask our office
to learn more. As for Canine Influenza, we can certify we have had multiple confirmed
cases this winter season. This is a viral disease so inherently challenging to combat.
Our best advice this winter season is to reach out if your dog is exhibiting any
respiratory symptoms! We’ll be happy to walk you through diagnostics and treatments
plans after we examine your dog. Remember respiratory diseases are contagious – just
like in people! So do your best to minimize spread dog-to-dog while your dog exhibits
symptoms. Spread of disease is possible even when a dog is asymptomatic, but is less
predictable in terms of risk or outcome.
announce we now carry Solensia -  an injectable monoclonal antibody therapy
administered monthly to control feline osteoarthritis (OA) pain. Results thus far with our
feline patients have been awesome! We’ve used it in cats 10-21 years old thus far! Ask
our staff to learn more.
DAYS – We’re also excited to have a long-acting pain reliever for cats that is
transdermal! We fully appreciate that some kitties are challenging to medicate by
mouth. This is a great option for certain cases. As our staff to learn more.
LASER THERAPY – We were thrilled to launch laser therapy at GMVH in 2022 and had
many pets that had great results with the addition of this non-invasive support! Laser
therapy is a safe, cutting-edge approach to combating focal inflammation, pain, and
disease. Ask our staff to learn more.
NO SHOW APTS – We try our best to help the community 7 days a week and are open
all days except for major holidays. Missed appointments create a situation whereby
another pet in need is unable to be seen. Please note, moving forward, clients who fail
to contact our office to cancel an appointment with a reasonable excuse will be required
to leave a deposit for future bookings, which is nonrefundable in the event of a no show.
CARDIOLOGY APTS – The 2 nd Saturday of every month we are blessed and fortunate
to have a traveling Cardiologist come to GMVH. We are limited to how many cases can
be seen. Again, missed appointments create a situation whereby another pet in need is
unable to be seen. We are thereby implementing the following: ‘a credit card to hold
your spot’ policy for Cardiology Appointments, which will be charged only in the event of
a no show.
LOCAL ER FACILITY: In the event of an after-hours emergency, we highly
recommend you add Pinnacle Veterinary Specialists to your list of options. They are
located at 600 Evergreen Drive, Suite 110, Glen Mills, PA 19342. Their phone number
is (610) 477-8797. They are a Specialty & Emergency Services Hospital with 24/7
Emergency and Critical Care, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Radiology, Surgery and
even Cardiology. They have Ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, in house laboratory testing,
Endoscopy and Echocardiogram capabilities.
Thanks everyone for your ongoing support and trust in our medical team! We are
always committed to our local families and wonderful pets!
Kind regards,
Dr. Michelle Parker



Introducing Laser Therapy 

Comanion Laser Logo_edited.jpg

      Advantages to Laser Therapy

Drug Free

Surgery Free


Pain Free

Pets like it!

               Conditions Treated

Arthritis                        IVDD

Wounds                        Hot Spots

Pain & Inflammation  Fractures

Dental Conditions      Lick Granulomas

Soft Tissue Injuries    Ear Infections


                          And More!

Updates Regarding Emergency Services

Curbside Protocol

Dear Glen Mills Veterinary Hospital Pet Families:

I am writing to inform you of some changes I anticipate on the horizon at Glen Mills Veterinary Hospital.  Due to foreseeable staffing constraints, our capacity to do emergencies will be extremely limited.   In addition, on certain days, we may experience limitations with regards to doctors’ office hours. 

Our doctors and team have always sought to provide the most comprehensive care for our veterinary community and that is still a top priority.  It is my hope that as we find more veterinary team members, we’ll be able to broaden our offerings again. 

In the meanwhile, I suggest each pet family have a list of local veterinary emergency hospitals in the event your pet has a dire need that we are unable to address. Select the facility that is right for you and keep the information handy.


See our emergency facility options page for some 24/7 facilities closest to you.

We value all our pet families immensely and the team we have will remain committed to helping you with your beloved pets’ medical needs.
                                                                                            Dr. Michelle Parker

Dilated Cardiomyopathy


Dilated cardiomyopathy is frequently seen in Dobermans. This sweet boy, Moose was 6 years old when he was diagnosed.

DCM Linked to 16 Dog Food Brands

Pet nutrition will always be a vital component of your pet’s health.  And we all want what’s best for the beloved animals in our home.  Naturally, we’d like to feed in accord with our standards and beliefs surrounding what is ‘right’ for our pet.  Secondly, the diet has to be realistic: affordable, easily obtainable, and well-tolerated by our pets. 

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Tuft's Veterinary Nutrition Articles:

"A Broken Heart: Risk of heart disease in boutique or grain-free diets and exotic ingredients"

"It’s Not Just Grain-Free: An Update on Diet-Associated Dilated Cardiomyopathy"

"Questions You Should Be Asking About Your Pet’s Food"

Download icon.png
Dr. Parker's email to our clients
Download icon.png
Canine Nutrition
DCM Food Brands Chart.jpg


  1. As stated already, we recommend a food that has an AAFCO statement stating the food has been tested using AAFCO feeding trials/tests.

  2. We recommend companies that have a boarded Veterinary Nutritionist on staff.  Veterinary Nutritionists are Diplomats of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition (ACVN).

  3. We recommend a diet designated for your dog’s age: feed “growth” diets to growing pets until they are 90%-fully grown; feed “maintenance” diets to older pets.

  4. We recommend a diet suited for your dog’s breed; small, medium and large breeds can have unique requirements, especially as puppies.

  5. Learn the basics at interpreting pet food label terms.  There’s a good deal of misconception and confusion when it comes to labeling.


Outside Pharmacy Policy

Over the past couple of years, GMVH has noticed an increasing trend in the number of cases of pets experiencing atypical side effects from online medications. We have also experienced an increase in cases whereby prescribed medications have failed to work properly, leading to a number of negative medical consequences. 


After much research and deliberation, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Vet Source Pharmacy, a safe and reliable resource for our clients to procure the high-quality, affordable medications we do not carry. 

Please be assured that our goal in this endeavor is not to take away your right to make medical decisions for your pets; we absolutely understand your desire to use specific outside distributors for various reasons. However, starting on December 1, 2018, GMVH will no longer be able to accept faxes or emails for medication approvals from ‘outside’ pharmacies due to potential legal liabilities related to dispensing medications from potentially hazardous sources. Instead, customers will need to pick up a script from GMVH before selecting the pharmaceutical resource of their choosing.

Downloadable copy of Dr. Parker's email to our clients

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