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February is National Pet Dental Health Month!

Dear Glen Mills Veterinary Hospital Pet Parents,
Wishing you all a Happy 2020!  We hope you and your furry friends are staying warm this winter! 
This February, in honor of National Pet Dental Health Month, Glen Mills Veterinary Hospital will be providing 10% off dental cleanings (includes anesthesia), x-rays, and extractions! (Please note medications or other services rendered at the time of dental procedures are excluded).
Keeping up with oral examinations and oral health is vital to your pet’s longevity.  Periodontal disease is the most common problem we see in the mouths of pets and there are local and systemic consequences to dental conditions that can dramatically undermine the pet’s overall health. We are happy to discuss dental home care, veterinary dentist-approved treats and chews, and provide you with all the details surrounding a dental cleaning procedure, including advice on when and how often to consider pursuing one for your pet.
Our practice does have dental x-ray which is vital in making accurate decisions about extractions, and also to provide critical information about oral diseases.
Please note that patients undergoing anesthesia for dentistry receive meticulous attention. Patients are evaluated carefully prior to the dental. Lab work assessing kidney and liver function, in addition to assessing the overall health of the patient, is performed prior to anesthesia.  The heart and lungs of each patient is carefully ausculted on the day of your procedure.  Our patients receive constant monitoring of blood pressure, oxygen level, heart rate, temperature, and respiration while the dental procedure is performed. And lastly, your doctor and designated dental team are committed to ensuring your pet has the best care while with us!
Please contact us with any questions!  Wishing your pet a superstar-smile in 2020!
Best regards,

The Doctors and Staff of Glen Mills Veterinary Hospital

DCM Linked to 16 Dog Food Brands

Pet nutrition will always be a vital component of your pet’s health.  And we all want what’s best for the beloved animals in our home.  Naturally, we’d like to feed in accord with our standards and beliefs surrounding what is ‘right’ for our pet.  Secondly, the diet has to be realistic: affordable, easily obtainable, and well-tolerated by our pets. 

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Tuft's Veterinary Nutrition Articles:

"A Broken Heart: Risk of heart disease in boutique or grain-free diets and exotic ingredients"

"It’s Not Just Grain-Free: An Update on Diet-Associated Dilated Cardiomyopathy"

"Questions You Should Be Asking About Your Pet’s Food"

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Dr. Parker's mass email to our clients
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Canine Nutrition


  1. As stated already, we recommend a food that has an AAFCO statement stating the food has been tested using AAFCO feeding trials/tests.

  2. We recommend companies that have a boarded Veterinary Nutritionist on staff.  Veterinary Nutritionists are Diplomats of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition (ACVN).

  3. We recommend a diet designated for your dog’s age: feed “growth” diets to growing pets until they are 90%-fully grown; feed “maintenance” diets to older pets.

  4. We recommend a diet suited for your dog’s breed; small, medium and large breeds can have unique requirements, especially as puppies.

  5. Learn the basics at interpreting pet food label terms.  There’s a good deal of misconception and confusion when it comes to labeling.

Hill's Science

Diet Voluntary Canned Food Recall

"Hill's Pet Nutrition is expanding its voluntary recall of canned dog food products due to elevated levels of Vitamin D. This expansion relates to the same vitamin premix that led to the Jan. 31 voluntary recall. Please review the full list of recalled products below including the additional products added March 20, 2019."

Click here

to see the list

Outside Pharmacy Policy

Over the past couple of years, GMVH has noticed an increasing trend in the number of cases of pets experiencing atypical side effects from online medications. We have also experienced an increase in cases whereby prescribed medications have failed to work properly, leading to a number of negative medical consequences. 


After much research and deliberation, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Vet Source Pharmacy, a safe and reliable resource for our clients to procure the high-quality, affordable medications we do not carry. 

Please be assured that our goal in this endeavor is not to take away your right to make medical decisions for your pets; we absolutely understand your desire to use specific outside distributors for various reasons. However, starting on December 1, 2018, GMVH will no longer be able to accept faxes or emails for medication approvals from ‘outside’ pharmacies due to potential legal liabilities related to dispensing medications from potentially hazardous sources. Instead, customers will need to pick up a script from GMVH before selecting the pharmaceutical resource of their choosing.

Downloadable copy of Dr. Parker's mass email to our clients

Counterfeit Seresto Collars

There have been reports of owners unknowingly purchasing fake Seresto Collars for their dogs and cats.Please contact our hospital if you have any questions or concerns. The Seresto collars purchased from our hospital are the collars coming directly from the manufacturer, Bayer.

Watch this video to know to how distinguish one from the other

Free Eye Exams for Service Animals

The ACVO/StokesRx National Service Animal Eye Exam is a philanthropic event that provides free, ocular screening eye exams to qualified Service & Working Animals each May. These exams are provided by those members of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists who choose to participate and volunteer their time and resources. The program benefits formally trained working animals who selflessly care for us all. Registration is open April 1-30th annually, approximately 7,625 eye exams are provided across America, Canada and Puerto Rico each May.


This program would not be successful without the generosity of our board certified ACVO Diplomates who donate their time, staff and services. We thank our generous name-sake sponsor, Stokes Pharmacy, additional sponsors and non-profit supporters.

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