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Welcome to our

GMVH Pet Online Portal

We understand how busy our clients can be, which is why we encourage utilizing the internet whenever necessary. With today's technology, we can do much more than we used to.

We have many different resources and websites to utilize online. Feel free to take a look around our website and explore the many different options we offer.

GMVH Clients: Want to save time at check-in for your pet's appointment?

CAT Admission Form

We require "Admission Forms" be filled out for all cat and dog appointments that are seeing the doctor. If your appointment is scheduled as a "recheck" you do not have to fill out another form if one was filled out for the issue at the last appointment.

DOG Admission Form

If you do not have the capabilities of filling out the form and emailing it back to us, you can email us a regular email answering each question on these forms. Make sure to include each statement.

For PDF version click here ->

For PDF version click here ->

If you are new to us, we ask that you fill out our New Client and/or New Patient Forms prior to your appointment. If you can send them to us via email prior to your appointment, that would speed up the check-in process tremendously. If you can't send them ahead of time, please bring them with you to your appointment.

New Clients or Patients page
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In-hospital Prescription Refills
Use this for any medication refills that you need to pick up from our hospital. Follow the questions it asks and you can expect to pick up your pet's medication in just 24 hours!
Vetsource Icon.jpg
Vetsource Online Pharmacy
We've partnered up with Vetsource to allow our clients the ease of not only ordering their pet's medications and prescription diets online, but also getting it delivered directly to their home. Vetsource is a safe and reliable resource that is linked directly to our hospital for quick and easy approval.
Paw Print for Petly.png
Login to your pet's very own patient portal where you can:
  • Manage your own account and personal info with us
  • Keep up with appointment reminders
  • Request an appointment or prescription
  • View your pet's health info and notes (including vaccinations)
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