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Dentistry & Dental X-Ray

Keeping up with oral examinations and oral health is vital to your pet’s longevity.  Periodontal disease is the most common problem we see in the mouths of pets and there are local and systemic consequences to dental conditions that can dramatically undermine the pet’s overall health.

We are happy to discuss dental home care, veterinary dentist-approved treats and chews, and provide you with all the details surrounding a dental cleaning procedure, including advice on when and how often to consider pursuing one for your pet.


Importantly, our practice does have dental

x-ray which is vital in making accurate decisions about extractions and also to provide critical information about oral diseases.

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February is 

Pet Dental Health Month !

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Helpful Handouts & Information
Chew on This! Guide to Bones, Chews & Toys for Your Dog
Pre-anesthethic Screening
Fasting and What to Bring the Day of the Dental
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