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Surgery & Anesthesia

Surgery is a big decision, often with serious financial and emotional considerations.  We’re here to help you understand what is involved for your pet before, during and after surgery, and moreover to provide comfort and confidence in choosing us as the surgical center for your pet’s procedure.

We understand the importance of modern optimal anesthetic supervision and offer a wide array of surgical procedures at our hospital.


Each surgical patient in our hospital receives the highest quality care which includes:


* Pre-operative screening with age-appropriate labwork to check for organ dysfunction or systemic disease that might preclude anesthesia.


* A physical examination the day of surgery prior to anesthesia.


* Intravenous fluids throughout the procedure to maintain adequate hydration and blood pressure.


* Induction of anesthesia with drugs such as Valium and Propofol, considered safer anesthetics, providing improved recovery. We take into account all breed sensitivities that occur with anesthesia.


* Constant monitoring of your pet's blood pressure, oxygen level, heart rate, temperature, and breathing.


* Heated surgical table and post-operative heat support with a heating blanket filled with warm air to maintain optimum body temperature throughout the procedure.


* Pain-relieving medications and anesthetic blocks, tailored to each patient’s needs.


* Each surgical patient will receive a discharge with a veterinary technician that will review the written post-operative care instructions and address all questions.

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Rowan Hart post-spay

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Helpful Handouts & Information

Pre-anesthetic Screening 

Fasting Before Surgery & What to Bring Day Of

Surgical Library

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