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Lost and Found Pets


Subject: "Lost" or "Found" Pet

If you have a lost or found pet please contact us through email with as much of the the following information as possible:
"Lost" or "Found"
Species of animal
Suspected breed if not known
Male (intact or neutered) or Female
Name, if knownn
Color of fur
Approximate age, if known
Wearing any collors/leashes/tags?
When & where missing or found?
Contact Info
Reported Lost & Found Pets:

Update: FOUND!!! :)

LOST DOG - 5/28/19

Name: Charlie

Sex: Neutered Male

Species: Lab Mix

Color: Yellow

Age: 5 years

Is Microchipped**

No collar/leash

Missing 3/5/2021

Call 267-614-2978 or call 610-558-0100

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